MWS Investments, llc is a real estate management company with holdings in NJ, NY, PA, and DE.

Right now is an excellent time to invest in real estate and MWS Investments is always looking for partners.

Below is a list of our current investment opportunities:

6 Unit property located in PA. Minimum investment $50,000.  Offering 8% interest only return for 3 years then entire principal returned. Great Opportunity for investor looking to add income to there portfolio!

Mobile Home Park in De. Park consists of Resident Owned Mobile Homes as well as multiple single family homes.  All currently occupied. Minimum investment $140,000. Extremely high rate of return available.

Mobile Home Park in MD.  Park consists of approximately 30 mobile homes and zoning to add 10 more.  Property also includes a single family house as well storage and laundry facilities.  Minimum investment $105,000.

Providing Affordable Housing in the Northeastern United States since 2006.
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